Slayyyy-ing the #AthleisureGame

HEY guys I hope you all are had a great week and are having an even better weekend. Yes I am enjoying. Sitting in my room. Alone. eating ice cream (triple layer CHOCOLATE) and writing this blog post. BEST YEA. current mood**QUEEN**

 Okay so my this week's this week's vlog was about ATHLEISURE ( I hope I haven't miss-spelled it because in that case I'll have to spend another 2 hrs correcting it. Fingers crossed.) So I thought my this week's blog should also be about athleisure. ( LoL! :P no. This blog is about athleisure because I am so much into this fashion trend that that is all I can think about rn. ATHLEISURE )
Kendall and Bella push up this trend
 For those who haven't seen my vlog yet, athleisure is basically just a fashion trend wherein you wear athletic wears or gym wear in other settings say to workplace, movies, night out, classes or just casual. Be it wearing tracksuit for outing with friends or teaming up your trainers with your dress for a date night. You can just sport this trend about anywhere without looking slouchy. And don't mind but why have you not seen it yet (**in a dondal duck accent**) go watch it R I G H T    N O W

Kylie slaying her tracksn sweats

Okay now that you have already seen my vlog, I get it that wearing a tracksuit for outings or a night out ain't that usual. You don't generally see people hanging around in that mall wearing yoga pants or sweatpants, it can feel odd. Right? 
So now how do you pull an "athleisure" look without feeling odd or without having people think omg-i-think-she-just-came-out-the-bed or did-she-even-shower ( no i didn't) The solution to this is wear sporty t-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirts, slide sandals or trainers or simply carry a small gym bag.the point is you don't have to wear your tracks-to-trainers from head-to-toe you can eliminate either one item or wear just one item. Say you wore your favorite jeans (yeah I am talking about the one you wear everyday) with a sweatshirt, bonus points if its oversized and to complete that look you pair just any heels or sneakers and you are ready to go about anywhere. EASY YEA?

Well here are some stuff that I spotted online (most of which are from h&m, but so sad they don't sell online but I am sure you'll find similar stuff in other brands like Asos, Forever 21 and Zara)


Have a look
this is the such a such a cute gym bag. I so love it and ik you will love it as well especially if you like colours over neutrals. I mean the colour. Is. The BEST. Because uk " ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK". ^YO

Sporty Crop top   
this crop top is like so cute I would wear it like everywhere. Literally. Everywhere. even though people will think that is the only top that I own. (because yes it can be true.. no its not I am just kidding. Lmao)

T-shirt with a hoodie 
This t-shirt is like soo cool, with a hoodie? BEST. I mean who doesn't likes hoodie (I mean only then I get to pretend like I am a celebrity who is trying to hide her face because all media is after her. LoL. But no its true!!)

 Slide sandals
You should surely try on slip-on this season they are like super trendy and comfy plus easy to wear. Yup they are so extra..(bonus points for fur design ;)) ) 

 Mesh hoodie
Mesh hoodie eh? Heard that first time. LoL no. I am sure you have seen a lot of celebrities wearing these. Not just celebrities infact maybe even people around you. I think they are super classy for layering especially in summers #summer2017 ;)  (extra points because they look soooo high end. literally )

Sweatshirt for summer
Yup you are reading that right. Yes there can be a SWEATSHIRT FOR SUMMER.(yes I know this is the best thing you have read so far :P ) Cant be more comfy huh? BINGO^-^

(all these items are down below)






Now that you are familiar with this athleisure trend I want you guys to pair up an athleisure look for wherever and whenever you go next and post a picture on your social media account and tag me (all my social media accounts are down below) and use the hashtag #AthleisureGame


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I hope you guys liked it. (don't forget to post a picture with #athleisuregame)
Keep Smiling. 


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