BEST sunglasses for your face shape.

HEY GUYS wel.come.back. so how was your week so far? Amazing? Good for you. Mine? Sucked. I'll have my exams starting from tomorrow and I have so much to study but I really don't want to study this entire week was me not being able to decide if I should study or not study - study or not study - study or not study. So I ended up here in from of my computer screen writing this blog... see what I did here I made a great decision. Pat my back.

Okay so its about a week ago when I was scrolling down my pintrest account and found this picture which said SUNGLASSES: SHOP BY FACE SHAPE. The moment I saw that picture I knew that this tiny-not-so-tiny picture is going on my blog or vlog or blog or vlog and it ended up here at my blog. (god! I hate making decisions) so I saved that picture and have dropped it down below for you guys to view. But honestly if you ask me the picture didn't help much so I had to do a lot of research about face shapes ( which definitely sucks but it was necessary before i write this post. Nope I didn't know anything about face shape, I could never really make out what face shape I am and probably I still can't anyways so OKAY. So now that I have done my research ( or whatever I wanted do)  here is some information about different face[shapes]  that I think is important for you to know before we move ahead. (no wait don't close this window. I promise it won't be boring. As short as possible. PINKY PROMISE )

THERE ARE 5 major face shapes

An Oval Face Shape is considered to be the ideal facial shape and a fashion stylist's dream because it's easier to style than the other face shapes because of its balanced proportions and symmetrical features. If your face is slightly longer than it is wider and your jawline is softly rounded then you have an oval face shape.
LUCKY YOU. Any shape or size or style of sunglasses will be amazing. ( I am JEALOUS.) 

If you have a Round Face Shape then you've most likely been mistaken to be younger than you are!  most likely because of your rounded soft baby face. If your face is as long as it is wide and has a full round jawline with no hard angles all over your face then you have to be my round faced baby girl.
the TRICK is to add structure your face by wearing frames with straight lines but with slightly rounded corners and that are slightly wider than the broadest part of the face since the goal is to make your face ore longer and thinner.

The Square Face Shape gives an impression of strength and girl power. Your facial shape is known to be sculpted looking which adds drama and definition to your appearance. If the width of you jawline - cheekbone - forehead is more or less similar and you have an angular jawline then you are a square shape baby, all sexy like  Angelina Jolie!  
Your jawline consists of a strong angle so your best eyewear styles are the ones that are somewhat soft and rounded. Oval and square frames with rounded corners are your best bet. That also includes aviator sunglasses ( YAY! your ray ban collection will rock the show. )

Your heart face shape ( which also called the inverted triangle and is more or less similar to the diamond ) is sharp and charismatic, equipped with a pointy chin that looks good in photos. LOOKS. GOOD. IN PHOTOS. YAAASSSS. If your forehead is wider than your lower face with wide cheekbones and angular jawline  accompanied by somewhat prominent chin then I bet you are my darling a heart face shape. 
Since your forehead and cheekbones are the widest point of your face, your most flattering choice of eyewear is angular and square that wrap around your cheekbones.
Oversized sunglasses are nice on you, along with frames that are slightly angled outwards the lower corners or are wider at the bottom than at the top. And I will see you SLAYY. 

The Triangular Face Shape has a jawline that appears wide or full and appears prominent. Triangulars and Rounds have the most youthful face shapes and look younger than they really are.
If you have a facial structure that narrows at your cheekbones  along with prominent jawline (so prominent that its the first thing you notice when you look in mirror
Your goal is to draw eyes away from your jawline while adding interest to your forehead this can be done by wearing frames with colour or details at the upper part. oval shape or cat-eye frames will do the job. 

okay so now that you have got some idea have a look at THE  picture. 


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okay so after this whole long 10 line story I am sure you will go and visit it. YEA!! YOU ARE THE BESTTTT. ILYYY


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I hope you guys liked it.
Keep Smiling. 


  1. Thank you for your post. If you (or your readers) have a problem of figuring out your face shape, you might find our mobile app (Face Shape Meter) useful. It has variations of five major shapes you mentioned in this post, so total are 9.


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