PRIDE month aka **rainbows**

Hey guys welcome back to my blog and I am glad you came back. Okay so now i know exactly what you were thinking when you read the title isn't this gal quite toooo.. early for pride month 2018? Well yes i am i know exactly that today is the last day of pride month and if you have no idea what shit i am talking about here it is.

PRIDE month, LBGTQ pride month is currently celebrated every year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. The Stonewall riots were a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. PS- LBGTQ is the representation for Lesbian Bisexual Gay Transgender and Queer community (just in case you don't know) So anyways i am sure not here to talk about history, no offense but for me its like most boring horrifying subject ever. What i really want to talk about is pride. You know i think the idea of celebrating a pride month is so adorable and amazing, its like a month of celebrating pride, for who we are and self acceptance of ourselves, of self love, of accepting other for who they are, for being our real own selves ( or maybe being selfish, loving and pampering ourselves more ) i think the idea associated with pride month should not be confined to the LBGTQ community alone, we should all become more accepting in different area forget our judgement and for once look at ourselves in the light of who we are as people as humans irrespective to our sexual desires or likes or dislikes or interests or weight or financial status or qualities rather substandards or inferiorities and just take pride in who we are. It should be looked upon as a symbol of self love. It should all be about us about YOU what you think what you like who you want to be and of course who you are irrespective of what others think. Just believe in ourselves love ourselves more than we ever did. And all this should not be confined to the pride month to the month of June but every single month every single day. 
Okay stop looking at me like that i know this is not the most fashionable trendy outfit idea for your first ( or should i say clumsy ) date with your crush. Its a social message and this is not an NGO but who cares! What really matters is that it's inspiring atleast i think it is. Yes i completely know we hate changes especially if it is related to human mentality i mean how on earth am I supposed to change the way i have

been thinking for last 17 years in like a day. No you can't i am not even telling you to all i am saying is the only thing you have to do is try and the month of june is a good time to start with. Oops! Its already June 30. So lets say July is an even better time to say with or December maybe or even beeter let's wait till June 2018  (because my lazy ass procrastinates way too much)

I hope you liked it and if so lets share it with our friends (so that alteast they think that you were super inspired by this and i am an amazing blogger and that your are like super mario ( c'mon its SUPER and
MARIO both at the same time) and are totally going to change the world with the way you think in june 2018 or 2020 ) After all ther is nothing wrong with being obsessed over rainbows 🌈 and colors. So now you have 7 colors for 7 weeks a day ( ik you are going to wear all black anyways)

Ps if you don't know rainbow is the symbol for pride.


PS : GUYS please don't forget to post a picture on your social media account with the hashtag #AthleisureGame (I am still worried if I am spelling it wrong this whole time) and if you are like - like what a-a-ath-athlei-ath-athleishh? what. the eff is the ven then please do visit previous blog post and my last vlog which was on that a-a-ath-athlei-ath-athleishh topic. Its not something I made up and Like you must have had read and heard alot about athleisure this season... NO? heard that for the first time. Well yea in that case its because I  discovered it.
okay so after this whole long 10 line story I am sure you will go and visit it. YEA!! YOU ARE THE BESTTTT. ILYYY


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Until then,
Keep smiling xo.


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